Happy Halloween

 EN:Aaaahhhh my favourite time of the year. For another year unfortunately I won't be going anywhere to celebrate Halloween.
Hopefully by next year I will be in a better mood for it.


Musical Friday #145

EN: And another month is almost gone. Halloween hasn't even happened yet and some store are already selling Christmas stuff (Decorations, Advent Calenders, Gifts etc...). This year passed waaayyyy to fast and sssoooo soooooo many things have happened good and bad. It has been a another roller-coaster year for me. Let's see how this year ends.

Calvin Harris - My Way


Series that I'm watching #5

Whenever Fall/Autumn comes along I feel more in the mood to watch series. I mean in just a couple of days I binge watched the first season of the  Flash... enough said. Here some of the series that I will continue to follow and want to start watching.


Quick Post: September got me feeling like...

EN: This year, September got me feeling all types of things. It has me craving for new things, the same way a new season is coming I feel like I need change in so many areas of my life.
So many things haven't been going well for me for a while now and I'm so tired of it and person can only take so much before reaching insanity. 
Got to find a new direction in life.... a new motivation....

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