Movie List #3

EN: I can't believe we are already in June. In the beginning of the year I made a list of all the movies I want to see this year. So basically at least once a month I will be in the cinema this year. So far that matter my boyfriend and I look for way to safe a bit of money, either use two for one tickets day, or use some voucher codes, whatever helps.
And just a little story about myself, I'm quite the fussy cinema goer. If I go to the cinema I don't wanna hear talking, is one thing to share something quick with your partner but to have a full on conversation NO. I don't like people that eat loudly with their mouths open, WHY, JUST WHY? People that don't let go of their phones specially the ones that don't even mute them. Ideally I don't like people sitting next to me (unless is someone that I know), or in front of me, the way that some cinema rooms are designed the seat behind is not elevated enough and the head in from of me annoys me... but I digress....
Here is some of the movies that I already seen except for the last one.


Musical Friday #142

EN: Hey guys, it has been a month since I've been there. Last time I posted I was about to turn 30 years old. My birthday was great, I went to a restaurant that I've been a few times (including on my 29th Bday as well) called Trattoria Mondello close to Godge Street Station, typical Italian food. I spent it with some of my friends that live in the London plus my boyfriend and my cousin. I was happy and sad at the same time since my original plan was to go to Portugal but because of financial reasons I couldn't go and celebrate it with my parents. It's funny right? when you are younger you just want to spent it with your friends , out and about as you grow older you might prefer to spent it with close family.
Anywyas I will be back soon with more new post, until then here some new singles

Janet Jackson - Dammn Baby


Musical Friday #141

 EN: In just 3 days I will be turning 30 years old.... long story short.... I'm not ready. Nope...

twenty one pilots - Stressed Out - This is song or in this case the video is almost one year old but only a few weeks I discovered the song and the band.


Maybelline - Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil

EN: Most probably you already heard about the Maybelline Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil - uuufff that's a long name - I bought mine one a long time ago but I forgot to blog about them.
I think that overall they are a great product, easy to apply, very pigmented, they don't over dry my lips (specially if I pass a lip balm first), good staying power and even after fading they leave a tint on your lips.
Not much to say really, I have four, I either used them on their own or sometimes under lipsticks. They are reasonably affordable and at least in the U.K. you always have promotions, either 3 for 2 or buy one second one half price. Oh and just in case you are looking for pencils, Maybelline is starting to change the packing of the product.

PT: Provavlmente muitos de vocês já ouviram falar da Maybelline Color Drama, Instense Velvet Lip Pencil - uuufff nossa que nome tão longo - eu comprei os meus já faz algum tempo mas esqueci-me de escrever um Blog post sobre eles.
Eu penso que no general  são um óptimo produto, fácil de aplicar, boa pigmentação, não secam os meus lábios (especialmente se passarem um lip balm antes), dura um bom tempo e mesmo quando começa a desaparecer deixam uma cor ligeira nos lábios.
Não há muito mais para dizer, eu tenho quatro, às vezes usos sozinhos ou por baixo de um outro batons. Eles são razoavelmente baratos e pelo menos aqui no Reino Unito temos sempre ofertas como 3 compre pague 2 ou compre 1 e pague metade no segundo produto. Ah e só pró caso de andarem à procura destes lápis a Maybelline anda a mudar a embalagem.
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