Quick Post: September got me feeling like...

EN: This year, September got me feeling all types of things. It has me craving for new things, the same way a new season is coming I feel like I need change in so many areas of my life.
So many things haven't been going well for me for a while now and I'm so tired of it and person can only take so much before reaching insanity. 
Got to find a new direction in life.... a new motivation....


Musical Friday #144

EN: I can NOT believe we are in September already and before you know it, Halloween is just around the corner and next thing you know it, it's Christmas again. 
Most times I feel like 24 hours are not enough in a day to do everything I have planned for that day.

Britney Spears - Make Me... Ft. G-Eazy


Mally - Uptown Chic

Mally MakeUp

EN: Hello everyone. First of all yes I am back from my vacation, I've been back now for about almost two weeks. Those of you that might follow me on Instagram or Snapchat might have seen a bit of my journey other than that I will eventually do a blog post about it, I just don't know if I do it all in one go or separate it.

Okay let's jump into the actual post which is about Mally Beauty Makeup. From what I gathered Mally Roncal is actually a Make-Up Artist. She was initially a pre-med student and then changed to fine-arts and then went from working for a Fashion designer to become a freelance Makeup Artist with clients like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé until she created her own makeup line Mally in 2005.
The products that I've have were a Christmas gift that my cousin gave me. It contains a Face Defender Boost which I still don't understand what it is, a Strobe Cream basically a highlighter, a Waterproof Eyeliner, Volumizing Mascara, Shadow Stick and a Lipstick.


Musical Friday #143

(OMIS - Croatia)

Hello everyone!
These last weeks I've been away from my Blog but that's because I've been busy getting ready for my holidays. The last time I had a proper vacation was last summer when I went to my friends wedding in Portugal, after that has been pretty much work work work :P.
For this vacation we (my boyfriend and I) will be going to Slovakia (where we are at the moment) and after we are going to Croatia.
The first night when we arrived in Slovakia there was a crazy festival of thunders and lightnings to the point that during the night when I was sleeping there was a thunder so strong that woke me up and left me completely disorientated and kinda vibrated the house. It sounded like someone was exploding fireworks inside the house. I've seen some pretty intense lightings and thunders but this one took the cake.
I initially wanted to vlog buuuuut I realize I'm not good with that so I've been using Snapchat more often than ever. In case you wanna follow me there my account is nerak_86. I upload whenever I have wi-fi since we are not using roaming because is a bit expensive.
Other than that I'm looking forwards for the Croatian beaches doing nothing but tan and chill, get some colour on my skin to last me all the way till next year haha.
I will try and take as many photos as I can and if I have enough material I will Blog about like I used to in the past.
See ya ;)

Calvin Harris - This is what you came for Feat. Rihanna
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