Musical Saturday #137

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1) Birthday cake from work and a bottle of Prosecco. 2) Tequila shots, first of any at the Trafalgar Chealsea Pub. 3) And then we hit the disco 151.
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4+5) Had a lot of fun dancing. 6) Slept over at my mates house #HangoverSelfie.
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7) My ASOS dress and necklace finally arrived but not on time for me to wear it on my Bday. 8) Family BBQ... hhuuummm chicken. 9) My second Birthday cake hehe.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT.... it was great. This Friday was my Birthday I'm officially 28 AAAAAHHHHHHH. I had an awesome time with some of my work colleagues+friends not everybody could come since they worked on Saturday morning, which I completely understand, been there done that.
And today I had another birthday celebration with some family members of mine that live in London.
P.S.: Both cakes were delicious!

Calvin Harris - Summer - New

Neon Jungle - Welcome to the jungle

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. (An ARTPOP film)

Jennifer Lopez - I Luh Ya Papi feat French Montana

Disclosure - You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


Musical Friday #136

EN: There goes another week. Honestly since mid February the last weeks all seem like a big blur, like I can't believe that has been X days or Y weeks that I've done a certain thing because it all feels like it happened just a couple of days ago. I'm loosing the track of time and before you know it next week is already my birthday >.<.

Shakira - Empire - New Single


Hello April

EN: The month has barely started and I already have two cuts on my right hand due to a wine glass... hopefully this will be the only disaster this month because next week it's my Birthday >.<!
I can't believe that I'm turning 28, it's so freaking weird. I'm not having a big birthday party, I'm probably just going out for a drink with some mates of mine. 
Other than that I just looking forwards for happier times and getting my life sorted. xoxo


Early Birthday Gift - M.A.C.

Today I decided to treat myself (like I don't do that enough these days lol) and I went to M.A.C..
There is a M.A.C. store right in front of my job and I decided to buy myself an early Birthday gift from me to myself. Whenever I go to a M.A.C. store I always feel intimidated and never buy anything because it also annoys me the fact that the products don't have the price so I would have to ask all the time about it but the lady that served me was so nice and patience and I end up buy two things. Do you want to see them?

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..
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